AWA17: 5 mins with Jack Trolove

Visual artist, Jack Trolove holds a CV worthy of boasting.  He holds a Masters in Fine Arts (with Distinction) from Massey University in Wellington and he has been the Scottish Arts Council International Artist in Residence on the Isle of Bute.

Jack’s work explores relationships between embodiment and liminal spaces; the poetics of gender transition, intergenerational memory, and other states of in-between-ness.

Jack has exhibited his work all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia, France, Scotland, and Spain.

Describe your piece of work / installation in three words 

Paint as skin.

What inspired it? 

Thinking about skin as a seal around our stories.

What’s your creative process?

It’s about finding where the energy is. Lots of mess and chaos and frustration until something feels exciting, then the process feels collaborative – I do half the painting and the painting does the other half itself. We meet somewhere we can agree on. The challenge is trying to be simultaneously attentive and bossy.

What do you think of the Art scene in Auckland?  New Zealand?

There are phenomenal artists all over Aotearoa, working in lots of forms – contemporary dance, kapa haka, writing, theatre, music, visual arts – I feel lucky to have access to so much strong and challenging work. I get squeemy about ‘scenes’ sometimes but find lots of work that feels exciting. 

Are there any artists / pieces of work that you’re looking forward to seeing this year?

Everything the FAFSWAG Collective turn their hands to is magic – I love what they’re doing – politically and poetically they’re a beautiful, powerful force. Sian Torrington’s work is also rocking my world just now. As always, it’s equal parts brutal and delicious. The Exquisite Wound by Rebecca Swan, is nothing short of breath taking. I’ve just got my hands on Michalia Arathimos’s first novel too – it’s called Aukati, which I know will be brilliant. I’m running a hot bath as we speak and will no doubt be reading this page-turner until it’s cold and I’m pickled. She’s that kind of writer.

What is your social media of choice?

I’m a bit crap at social media tbh, but Instagram is probably my fave, because pictures.

Who do you follow and where?

I’ve got RSI in my arms right now so am hardly online – it’s  meant I’ve taken to following storms, sunrises, and the smell of cooking instead for a while. As a result, I’ve become plumper and happier.

What are the top 3 tracks on your Spotify playlist right now?

Higher Love by James Vincent McMorrowZero by Liniker e os Caramelows, and Ladi6’s Like Water.

Word Association:

Auckland – Sea swims

Art – Mess

Festival – season

Creative – Destruction

Collaboration – Dancers

Politics – Pain/Hope

Summer – Solstice

Jack Trolove at Whitespace Contemporary Art, 12 Crummer Rd as part of Artweek Auckland

7- 15 October, find out more.