AWA17: 5 mins with Zee Shake Lee

Working with installation, social and interactive media, Changing Lanes will transform Auckland’s urban space this Artwork Auckland.  Zee Shake Lee’s ‘I lost myself when I found you’ will take over Exchange Lane from 7 October – 15 October.

Describe your piece of work / installation in three words
intriguing, slow, puzzling

What inspired it?
I used to grow up with my grandparents and I remember there was a concrete well at the courtyard of their old house. One day, out of curiosity, I stood on my tiptoes to find out what was inside. Out of my expectation, I surprisingly saw myself in the sky. As a kid, I always wanted to touch the sky. Without hesitation I instantaneously picked up some stones and threw them one by one into the well: to make ripples, to disrupt the sky and watch it forming back all over again. In that way, I felt like I could touch the sky. One night, my grandfather told me he kept the moon in the well. I doubted. So I ran to check if it was true. The moon was indeed kept inside. It was the first time I saw myself being so close to the moon. ‘How did you do that? Tell me!’ I asked excitedly. I Lost Myself When I Found You adapts the idea of looking down in order see what is above and beyond; and it’s about the emotional distance between the unreachable.

What’s your creative process?
Messy, heaps of zoning out while staring at things, lots of questionings and conversations, and work in different mediums.

What do you think of the Art scene in Auckland? New Zealand?
There are certainly some good vibes, inspiring efforts and momentum, but simultaneously there are many constraints and holdbacks. Personally I think we don’t do enough.

Are there any artists / pieces of work that you’re looking forward to seeing this year?
Umbra by Anne Noble / OO_ by Elliot Morgan and Michael McCabe / Colin McCahon: On The Road.

What is your social media of choice

Who do you follow and where?
Bertil Nilson and aDeY on instagram

What are the top 3 tracks on your Spotify playlist right now?
Windows by Angel Olsen, Medicine by Daughter, Undying Need to Scream by Dillon

Word Association:
Auckland – Volcanoes
Art – ?
Festival – Hued
Creative – Dare
Collaboration – Collision
Politics – Deceptive
Summer – Beach

Changing Lanes, “I lost myself when I found you” by Zee Shake Lee at Exchange Lane funded by Heart of the City and delivered in partnership with Artweek Auckland.

7-15 October, find out more.