NZFW 2017 | Liberation in the form of leopard print

Model Max Stroomer loves collaborating with a team to express an idea, look and attitude.  

He says, “Everyone comes from different areas of expertise and experience to bring their own creative touch to the final product.  Whether that be a photo shoot or show.”

Professionally, he’s modelled for just over three years but prior to this he’s worked with some of New Zealand’s leading agencies as a brand ambassador.

Max walked the runway during this year’s New Zealand Fashion Week.

“I got lucky this year, I had a show each day.  I was pretty stoked!”

Max walking for Federation

For him, fashion week is a chance to show off his personal style.  It’s what he loves about it.

“It’s not secret everyone does weeks of prep to get outfits together for each day.  It’s something everyone attends takes part in.”

While his personal style may be relaxed, the most memorable show for him was the one for World Brand.

“I wore a leopard print jacket and had purple and pink glitter lips with a gold glitter wig.  I’ll never forget it; it was such a liberating experience.”

Max for World. Image courtesy: @worldbrandinnz

When asked about what happens backstage, he said it’s where all the action is.

“Picture a dozen models, each having a minimum of two dresses, show directors, makeup artists running around frantically trying to do touch-ups and photographers with cameras in your face.  It seems like chaos, but it all somehow works.  You have to stay focused, alert and happy all at the same time.”

So, does he get nervous before the show?

“The nerves are the best part.  Everyone has their remedy – mine is to dance and sing to myself to whatever song is playing on the runway.”

Max walking for Barkers, NZ Weddings Magazine

As a professional model, Max needs to take care of himself.  What’s his routine?

“Diet is number one; portion control and eating mostly vegetables is key.  But generally, it’s staying on top of living a balanced life.”

Image courtesy: @maximilianstroomer 

With the rise of ‘Insta-models’, we wanted to know his thoughts; love ‘em or hate ‘em?

“To be honest, I don’t think there’s a difference anymore between a model and an ‘Instagram model’.  Being proficient at social media is essential; we have to be successfully utilising all platforms to make sure we maintain and gain more of a following.

“The more people there are wanting to see your content, the better opportunities you get with work with brands and photographers.  A lot of overseas clients will specifically ask us how many followers we have; to them it’s another avenue to reach an audience.”

Image courtesy @maximilianstroomer

Max Stroomer is an Auckland-based model who is currently signed to 62 Models & Talent.  When he’s not walking the runway or pouting in front of a camera, he can be found at Chemistry Interaction, an integrated advertising agency where he spends his days as an Account Executive.