been | Starman

The anticipation was high, didn’t know what time it was and the lights were low … The roar from the crowd was rapturous and it set the evening mood.

The glamorous premise of a show dedicated to the original Starman needed an explosive start, and in this case, it did itself justice.  Opening the show with the charged and raucous ‘Rebel Rebel’, tempo was born!  Carried by the energetic flare of this Cabaret extraordinaire; Sven Ratzke emulated Bowie’s enigmatic persona, falling into his un-mistakable vocals and succinct articulation at random.

Intermingling with the eclectic audience and transporting us to another dimension – Starman (aka Sven Ratzke) took us on an intergalactic journey; through crazy anecdotes of some of life’s most pedestrian situations, told with delightfully comedic element, which was heightened by his Dutch/Germanic twang.

‘Ground Control’ was one of the most mesmerizing ballads of the night’s performance.  Its powerful delivery and tight composition, really demonstrated the skill of Sven’s talented group of musicians, and which without their support, would have diminished the show’s brilliance.

So stylistically was his costume incorporated into the show; the gradual removal piece-by-piece, done with remarkable  flare, really lending to the overall ambience of the night.

Closing with other such Bowie classics – ‘Heroes’ and my personal ’Life on Mars’; fittingly provided the audience with a musical destination, in the genre of the finest Cabaret.

From the dynamic entrance to the fantastically detailed boots,  Sven Ratzke’s proved that he is a true, Starman …

Powerful, magnetic and deliciously libertine – this electrifying show of this year’s Auckland Live Cabaret Season, is a proud dedication to the brilliant Bowie and his fans alike

4 Stars! ****

Catch Starman at the Auckland Town Hall until Sunday 17 September.  Buy your tickets here.