been | Matilda the Musical

A revolting success full of maggots.

Here’s a hypothetical question; if a parent was rude, vile, and hated their child and poor treatment of this child causes them to develop telekinesis, would they have created a child with a superpower? Does this now make you a great parent?

Going to watch Matilda the Musical to get the answer to this question would be pointless.

But if you want to see one of the best musicals ever performed in Auckland; this certainly is a show not to miss. It’s spectacle of modern musical theatre with larger than life villains, catchy numbers, spectacular performers and humour for everyone; young or old.

The story centres around Matilda; an unwanted, unloved girl with magical powers. She’s just joined the local primary school, which is run by the biggest, well-bosomed, ex-Olympic hammer thrower, Miss Trunchbull. Whilst at school, she befriends her class teacher and together, they face their bullies.

The young actress playing Matilda, steals the show with per performance and every ‘revolting’ maggot is pitch perfect. Performing as an ensemble, they truly shined; there were several moments where the audience were left in fits of laughter and amazement.

The production is expertly curated with just the right dash of exaggeration and the set changes are seamless.

Whilst Tim Minchin, didn’t perform any of the musical numbers in Auckland, his involvement was certainly apparent. Every song was ‘Minchinesqued,’ it had the upbeat switching of chords, intertwined with Dahl’s irreverent wacky world.

A celebration of wit and creativity; this show is certainly not one to miss. If I was giving stars, this would be a 5-star performance.

Matilda the Musical plays at the Civic until October.  Buy your tickets here.