NZFW 2017 | 5 mins with Tanya Carlson

Designer Tanya Carlson is a fashion force to be reckoned with.  Since graduating for the renowned East Sydney TAFE, she has designed over 200 custom wedding gowns, created costumes for over 10 stage productions and has successfully launched and continued a label for nearly two decades.  CARLSON is a label synonymous with superb tailoring, clever design and a quality finish that has garnered many loyal customers.  CARLSON returns to the NZ Fashion Week runway next week.

What inspired your collection?
My collection this year is a celebration of CARLSON’s 20 years in fashion and features one-off, handcrafted designs created from our fabric archives. Other specific inspirations include 90s sportswear, vintage western, chinoiserie and 60s eveningwear.

Name 3 NZ designers we should watch out for….
The three designers selected from Otago Polytechnic (Laura Bennett, Kimberly Ramsey and Letitia Powell) for the NZ Fashion Week Graduate Selection are very promising.

Describe your quintessential customer…
The CARLSON woman knows who she is – she is independent, confident, and understands quality and style.

What’s your social media of choice?

Who do you love to follow and where?
I love following @adrianjoffe, @hamishbowles and Fiona Pardington @hinakehe on Instagram. It’s a fantastic mix of art and fashion and all three provide a wonderful commentary on the creative industries.

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
I’m currently exploring music for the show, so have been listening to Prince, Alabama Shakes, and Hole.

Word association:
New Zealand – Home
Fashion – Inspiring
Music – Uplifting
Art – Influential
Winter – Layers
Holiday – Surfing