NZICF 17| Brendon Green – Best Friends

The lights are dim in the intimate bar. A bearded man is perched on a stool strumming a guitar, serenading a photo of his beloved.

His beloved being a feline, not a female.

A favourite at the NZ International Comedy Festival, 2014 Billy T Award nominee Brendon Green is back to charm us with his clever wordplay once more in a set dedicated to our friends from different species. Since winning the award for Best Newcomer here for his debut in 2012, Brendon has been busy touring North America and has also performed twice at the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Heart-warming and at times heart-wrenching, Best Friends is not a conventional stand up comedy set in that it is half performance art. Three harrowing stories, carefully curated by his cat, are divided by interludes of hilarious anecdotes about his fear of the ocean, being raised by two parents with different parenting styles, and moving in with his partner. It is actually in these interludes where Brendon shines as a comedian and is most relatable. While compelling with brief moments of humour, the three stories themselves are not comedic per se, but serious.

Even if you’re a self-proclaimed dog person, don’t worry. Brendon won’t hold that against you (much). Energetic, funny, and exuding an easy stage demeanour that makes you forget you are an audience member rather than in conversation with a friend, Brendon’s new show is both personal and enjoyable.

Be sure to catch his ode to our furry friends and the paw prints they leave in our lives at the NZ International Comedy Festival. You can buy tickets here.

3 out of 5 stars