NZICF 17 | 5 mins with Luke Callaghan

From the land of Hamburgers, Starbucks and Donald Trump, US-born comedian Luke Callaghan found sense and moved to New Zealand.  Named Best New Comer in 2013, Luke returns with his solo show at this year’s Comedy Festival.  Fresh, topical and extremely intelligent, you can catch Luke tonight ‘til Saturday.

Describe your show in three words…

I have jokes.

What’s the inspiration behind the show?

I’m an American guy who lives in New Zealand, and that gives me an excellent viewpoint from which to make fun of both countries.

What are your top 3 festival picks?

Chris Martin

James Keating

Lauren/China/Marika “PS We Love Cats”

Tell us about your most memorable time on stage?

Doing my first paid gig in which I died a slow, soul-crushing, 10-minute death opening for NZ comedy legend Ewen Gilmour.

Amy Schumer is known for heckling the odd heckler, what’s your approach?

I like to handle the situation by coming up with an absolutely brilliant, hilarious, brutal takedown of the heckler about 4 days later while sitting on the toilet.

What’s your social media of choice?

I’ve started a lifelong quest to accumulate 500 Twitter followers. I’m on 322 right now and hope to crack 500 by the year 2050. If you wanna be part of the solution, I’m @lukeblahblah

Word Association:

Comedy – Club

New Zealand – Bro

Trump – Steaks

Holiday – Inn Express

Pineapple – Lumps

Sheep – Poofy goats

And finally, describe the last meal you ate:

A pastrami, rocket, sprouts, cheese, tomato, and mayo sandwich followed by an entire sleeve of Ginger Nuts

LUKE CALLAGHAN performs at Backbeat Bar, K’Road, Thurs 18 – Sat 20 May as part of the 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival powered by Flick Electric Co. from 27 April – 21 May. For the full line-up of shows in the Festival head to