NZICF 17 | 5 mins with Frenchy

He may look like he’s out of Sesame Street, but even Big Bird can’t make crowds laugh as much as Frenchy.

The smart, witty, self-deprecating comedian has found worldwide stardom; selling out shows across Australia, NZ and the UK and amassing over 2 million followers on social media.  Fresh from performing in Melbourne, Frenchy is performing at Rangitara at the Q and at venues across the country.

Describe your show in three words…

Lynx Africa Deodorant.

What’s the inspiration behind the show?

Stories & shenanigans from the past year, such as my poor attempts at dating, weird sex stories, the Kardashians & whatever other topics my immature brain finds funny.

What are your top 3 New Zealand Comedy Festival picks?

Daniel Sloss, Aunty Donna and Joel Creasey

Tell us about your most memorable time on stage?

My first ever show in Edinburgh, Scotland I had the unfortunate luck of having 8 lads on a stag party (bucks night) sitting in the 2nd row. Within 2 minutes they were yelling at me to get my cock out, obviously I said “no but you can if you want”. So some 6ft unit hops onstage & whips out his trouser snake which happened to be the biggest thing I’d ever seen. It was like the hammer of Thor, it put a hole in the floorboards as it smacked into the ground. Everyone laughed but it wasn’t until I was chatting to the front row 20min later when I found out that the front row had three 15 yr olds males… who were about 2 metres away from the tripod.

Amy Schumer is known for heckling the odd heckler, what’s your approach?

Depends on the heckler & how annoying they are being. Sometimes I’ll just ruin them with a quick one-liner, but if I’m feeling especially malevolent sometimes I’ll turn the house lights on so I get a good look at them then go to town…

What’s your social media of choice?

RedTube probably. Wait I meant YouTube. Both. And Instagram. #LikeCommentSubscribe

Word Association:

Comedy #LikeCommentSubscribe

New Zealand – Churr Cuzzy

Trump – Walking Meme

Holiday Inn #Chingy

Pineapple  haven’t had fruit in 8 yrs tbh.

Sheep lol

And finally, describe the last meal you ate:

Beer from a shoe. (Ate / drank ;).

FRENCHY performed in Auckland as part of the 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival.  Catch him throughout the country on the following dates:
  • May 20 – Theatre Royal, Nelson
  • May 21 – Civic Theatre, Invercargill
  • May 22 – Glenroy Auditorium, Dunedin
  • May 23 – Aurora Centre, Christchurch
  • May 24 – Clarence Street, Hamilton
  • May 26 – The Mayfair, New Plymouth
  • May 27 – Opera House, Wellington
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