NZICF 17 | Ed Gamble – The Best of Ed Gamble

Comedian Ed Gamble is a regular performer at the famed Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and I hope he becomes a regular here in New Zealand as well. Full of classically British self-deprecating humour, enthusiasm and charm, he guides you through trials of internal panic and bodily betrayal with easy laughter.

Earlier in his career, Gamble was best known for his work as one half of the comedic duo Gamble & Peacock. In 2014 Gamble debuted his first solo stand-up act and since then has had numerous television appearances, including regular spots on BBC2’s Mock of the Week, a headline stand-up spot on Russell Howard’s Stand Up Central and a performance on the US television show Conan. In addition, he is also the star of BBC America’s faux reality show Almost Royal, in which he plays a clueless British aristocrat experiencing America for the first time.

In his own words tonight, “As a comedian, my goal is to lure you in with observational material and then make you think I’m disgusting”. But, strangely, I don’t. I think he’s genius.

Gamble’s interaction with the audience throughout his performance was a highlight. Full of sharp wit and observations about both British and New Zealand stereotypes, he immediately made the audience warm to him.

His flatulence, propensity to panic and say exactly the wrong thing, adult circumcision, and foreign hair in the strangest of places…nothing is off limits. Gamble’s comedy set is very personal and he deftly manages to turn his insecurities and the awkward experiences of the human condition into comedic gold without being overly crass.

Exceeding thirty years of age holds nothing positive for some people, but for Gamble the transition into a new stage of life is a wealth of humorous content for his set. From navigating the bizarre living habits of girlfriends once they move in, to deciphering whether the universe is signalling that it’s time to reproduce, if Gamble is anything he is incredibly relatable and honest.

4 out of 5 stars


Be sure to catch Ed Gamble at the Comedy Festival performing in Auckland until the 6th of May and in Wellington on the 14th of May. You can buy tickets to see him here.