humans of mac+mae: Theia

This is one of my favourite and most precious people, the queen and matriarch of my family, my Kui (grandmother).

My granddad took this photo last year, when she took me back to my paternal ancestral home – to where she grew up and where our rich history and culture was born.

I didn’t want to ruin the beauty of the moment by taking a picture, but I’m so glad he did, as there will not be another. These precious memories we shared are something I’ll cherish forever. 

She passed away suddenly a week after her 77th birthday and I have never been so heartbroken. Though it’s been, and still is, a process of learning to carry on in her absence, I can go head high into the future knowing her love and how proud and excited she was of life’s journeys that lay ahead.

She lived the most beautiful life, leaving her legacy of love with everyone whom she met. She loved boundlessly, generously, and passionately and had a laugh and warmth that would linger on long after she’d left.

The last text she sent before her departure is still on my phone and etched in my heart. Reading it makes me both smile and cry. She always wrote the important parts of her messages in capitals, as if to really show their potency and meaning.


Christchurch songstress, Em-Haley Walker has been turning heads since 2015.  Her single, Silver Second, originally released under the moniker Plum created quite a buzz, making her a firm ‘blogosphere’ favourite and an artist to watch.  

Now, with a new stage name, Theia is posed to release her debut EP.  Her EP’s lead single ‘Roam’ is already making waves, clocking over 1 million streams (and counting) on Spotify in only 6 weeks.  Catch Theia at Electric Coastline this summer.

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