humans of mac+mae: K’Lee McNabb

My mother’s beloved treasure box!

The stories it could tell of all the hidden treasures its held, including my teeth.

I vividly remember the day I realised my free money ride was over.

I thought I’d help clean the house, and surprise my hard working mother with a clean room. Dusting her vanity, I was curious as to what was inside her wakahuia? (treasure box)

Like Indiana Jones discovered the Lost ruby, my eyes lit up with excitement, I lifted the lid ever so carefully, peered inside to see ‘Teeth!’

Human, baby, white and a little stained ‘Teeth?’ What the hell was going on here?

My mother came in, startled and to my even bigger surprise she calmly – like telling me to ‘take the trash out’, told me ‘I thought you knew the tooth fairy wasn’t real? Huh well atleast I don’t have to give you money anymore’! Hahaha

I learnt a few things from that day –

Somethings are best left alone, that the tooth fairy wasn’t real & my mother was terrible at hiding stuff! Found Christmas presents in her closet. Hahahaha

Love you mum, thanks for at least trying xx

Kaleena Renae McNabb, better known by her stage name K’Lee burst onto the New Zealand Music scene 15 years ago with a cover of Mr. Mister’s Broken Wings.  As a teen sensation, she toured with the likes of Missy Elliot, Cypress Hill, Busta Rhymes, Pink, Shaggy, and Nelly Furtado.

Following her success in New Zealand, which included 4 Top Ten Singles, she moved to LA. Since returning home, she’s forayed into television and radio.  She can currently be heard on New Zealand’s #1 for Hip Hop and R&B station, Mai FM.

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