humans of mac+mae: Ashton Brown

This is a (somewhat crudely) drawn X on my right hand, in black ink.

I suffer from an anxiety disorder. On days where my anxiety is really bad and I feel like it is going to attempt to stop me from doing things out of fear of anxiety attacks then I draw a cross on my hand. This is so whenever I feel an anxiety attack coming on (which for me is usually of complete isolation, disorientation, unreality and fear) then I look at the cross on my hand and it brings me back to the present moment, reinforces that I’m just having an anxiety attack and I’m not losing my mind and that I can get through this moment as I have gotten through it many times before.

Ashton Brown is a professional actor, comedian, MC and an award winning playwright.  In the past 2 years, he’s risen through the ranks of NZ Comedy with his self-depreciation, social commentary, and stupid voices.

Loved by critics, Ashton is a gifted storyteller who’s definitely one to watch out for.

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