humans of mac+mae: Vanessa Kumar

Here is something that is important to me, and one reasons is because  being my grandpa bought it for me on one of our thrift store adventures in Miramar, Wellington at some point last year.  It’s a nice thing to remember him by, I carry it with me whoever I go, it stays in my luggage.  Sometimes I read it, sometimes I forget to.  Another reason it’s important to me is because some of the scriptures are very encouraging and help propel me into my day.  Some of the other scriptures are scary but we tend not to dwell on those ones.

1 Corinthian 13:4-8 is one of my favourites,  the last line is ‘love never fails’

Vanessa Kumar performs the role of Priya Sengupta in Silo Theatre’s ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ from 08 – 24 September at Q Theatre.  Buy tickets here.

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