humans of mac+mae: Arli Liberman

The reason I chose this photo, is that it was a very specific and special moment for me with this incredible person… he’s an artist and a musician that creates this avant garde art.  

His name is Harold Rubin and I had the extreme privilege to be around him a little bit and play with him.  He showed me when I was in the beginning of the exploration of getting to the art of improvisation and just creating the situation through sounds and frequencies just to be.  

Every time I perform with him, it was always this unknown thing and when you’re not sure, when you’re out of your comfort zone, that’s where things all go horribly wrong or horribly great…. And in this moment we’re looking at our bass player up there, Mark Smulian, into one of those improvisational moments  and we’re both really happy that things are going horribly great.  

So, forever grateful for all those amazing lessons of just trusting your instinct and be yourself.

From Israel to New Zealand, Arli Liberman’s background is as interesting as it is diverse.  His music seamlessly brings together sounds of both his Middle Eastern heritage and Western influences.  Arli’s latest album, Allegra, is available now and you can catch Alri on the Wanderlust 108 world tour.

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