humans of mac+mae: Kingdon (Kings) Tetinga Chapple-Wilson

I struggled identifying who I was growing up as a kid. My parents split when I was young and I stayed with my mum. I’d lost touch of my Maori heritage and my primary source of MAN or KING energy. It left me feeling out of place, and having identity issues.

Reconnecting with my dad in later years I was able to see the beauty of him, my family and my culture.

My Grandad (on the left) Arnold Maanaki Wilson, was one of the first Maori artists to graduate from Elam Art School. He had a unique and contemporary approach to Maori art and carving and was known as an innovator. He was a visionary and his goal was to bring people together through his art and his presence.

My Dad (on the right) Anthony Wilson, followed in this path, creating various programs to help and support troubled youth at Awataha Marae. He is also a great carver and an innovator in both business and creative thinking.

They are true KINGS in their creative fields.

Best known for his no. 1 single, “Don’t Worry Bout It”, Kingdon  (Kings) Tetinga Chapple-Wilson is a 26-year-old Maori/Samoan hailing from Auckland’s North Shore.  Signed to Warner Music, this multi-talented artist sings, produces and writes his own songs. His latest single, “What We Supposed to Do” is out now.

Hikurangi Jackson from Marae caught up with Kings last month.

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