humans of mac+mae: Bobby Campbell-Luke

This is a photo of my mum, I had just dropped her off to the premiere of Poi E.  

Growing up I always knew I was a adopted and this wonderful lady took me into her arms and raised me to be the man that I am.

She’ll probably give me a telling off for using this photo, but in my eyes it shows her true colours; the happiness  and the joy she gives me is remarkable.  She is the foundation of my whanau (family) and the support system that can hold many houses.  She has an unusual way of going about things but as she says, “there’s always a method to my madness.”

It’s a precious image that will stay with me forever.

This is a dedication to you, mum.

Bobby Campbell-Luke is a budding fashion designer, creative director, visual artist and all-round creative.

His brand Campbell-Luke, with buddy Jason Park, has been labelled as one to watch following this year’s NZ Fashion Week; with Jason’s Korean background and Bobby’s Maori heritage, their collection is a binding of two cultural identities.

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