humans of mac+mae: Alexis Pritchard

This a photo of me and my Counterpunch Parkinson’s Class, a non- contact boxing fitness class for those living with Parkinson’s Disease.  From left to right – Gordon aka the Wrecker, Dave aka Sandman, and Marie aka Marvellous.

These three humans are beautiful people and live with Parkinson’s Disease.   We meet twice a week  at Wreck Room and I train them hard in boxing fitness and strength, and conditioning circuits.  I work them so they’re sweating and they keep coming back for more :).

We joke and laugh together and I challenge the crap out of them physically, but they always give it a go.  They’re their own mini-support group.  Marie (76 years young) surprised me last week when she broke out into a jog.  Training them is the highlight of my working week.

When I look at this photo, I’m reminded of all the gains they’ve each made over the last 2 months this class has been going.  Teaching this class allows me to share my passion of boxing and boxing training with people, while  also helping them move and exercise from a physiotherapist and coaching/personal training perspective.  It also reminds me of the hug Dave gave me the other day, saying that coming to class makes him feel happy and lifts his spirits – he’s pleased there are people out there willing to help him fight Parkinson’s.  It’s not so lonely now.

Alexis Pritchard is a Physiotherapist, NZ Olympian (#1196, Boxing), boxing & strength and condition coach, cake decorator, wife, guardian, friend, and co-owner of Wreck Room.  Her Counterpunch Parkinson’s class is open to anyone living with Parkinson’s Disease.  Email for more info.

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