NZICF16 | Aunty Donna

Aunty Donna, the winners of the noble Melbourne International Comedy Fest – Golden Gibbo Award and self-created YouTube sensations have debuted on our shores.

The name as I was later told, came from a not-so interesting story about an actual Aunty Donna. Their act however, went above and beyond interesting and had me in hysterics from the get-go.

The energy was insurmountable and their engagement with the audience went from energetic to borderline crazy. Not that anyone was complaining, the sell-out crowd were instantly enthralled and willing participants in their ridiculous scenarios.

Opening the night with amusing mockery of the Aussie stereotype through interpretive dance, the audience are introduced to the legends of Broden, Mark and Zach, alongside the frequent guest appearances from our audience volunteer of the evening, Lenny.

Frequent references to our national film treasure Taika Waititi were hilarious and on-point . A risible sketch that takes the piss out of the joys of troubleshooting with Vodafone, had me in stitches and crying actual tears of laughter. Then there was Pausey Pete, Lord Whoopie, the inappropriate Italian restauranteur…

With both my sides and my jaw sore from physical bouts of chuckling, I left the Loft Theatre desperately seeking out my new found festival favourites, and it would appear that I was far from the only one. Diehard Aunty Donna fans had staked out the stage door with t-shirts and props from their YouTube clips, and I happily joined the stalkers in the autograph queue.

Aunty Donna. Highly recommended. Don’t miss it.



5 Stars *****

~ Aunty Donna are  performing at Loft @ Q-Theatre  Tues 3 May – Sat 7 May