NZICF16 | Marcel Lucont’s – Whine List

Anzac Monday turned out a great show of Gallic pomp, wit and imperious humor from the chansonnier comic, Marcel Lucount.   A reckoning figurehead of the NZ international comedy circuit.

Nestled amongst a rather packed crowd within the Comedy Chamber of Aucklands’ Town Hall, it was evident the pulling power that the unique and imaginative Marcel possessed.  As the audience nattered between themselves whilst waiting for the shows frontman, an amusing and interactive screen of  video montages of the man himself played before us, with the music of popular french singer, Joe Dassin providing the background music.

In a low and deliberately affected French tone,  Marcel enters stage suitably attired and surrounded by clichéd items/props of his ‘mother land’.

With raised glass of red wine in hand and the tilted chin of pretension one may associate with the French,  the man plays the part well. Immediately launching into a barrage of humorous digs at the audience and our laid-back kiwi culture in general ….

I am not certain whether it was just a case of Mondayitis, or the somewhat reserved and subdued energy of the audience, but the show began on a slight lull for me, and slowly but steadily eased into playful and jocular synergy that soon roused my attention.

Marcel’s sarcastic wit and deadpan delivery certainly impressed as he made facetious parallels regarding the Gaelic and Galllic stereotype and his talent to amuse also extended to that of poet/story-teller,  with such imaginative and descriptive prose,  ranging from the memoirs of a circus performer, to sex poetry for pensioners ! 

The show gathered momentum from middle to the end,  and Marcels farcical and visual narratives depicting the ‘idyllic’ British seaside and hilarious references to the decrepid nature of certain music festivals, definitely struck a relevant chord and had many in stitches.

Marcel Lucont’s whimsical and utopian mind is a credit to himself and to his performance.  I loved his sharp improvisation with the audience, as I did too his fanciful, arrogant but utterly charming musings.

* Marcel Lucont’s – Whine List is now showing at The Comedy Chamber, Auckland Town Hall,  Mon 25th until Sat 30 April.

4 out of 5 stars !