NZICF 16 | 5 minutes with Daniel Sloss

Having sold-out numerous shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and side-splitting audiences in New York, London, and Australia, you’d be surprised to know that Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss learned his art over a 2-day course.  He’s also the youngest solo comedian ever to perform at London’s West End.

This award-winner is now heading to New Zealand, bringing his world-renowned show, DARK to a Kiwi audience.

Describe your show in three words starting with a vowel.

Amusing, Intelligent, Unnecessary.

What’s the inspiration behind your show?

I like making people laugh and dislike people telling people what I can and cannot say.

What are your top 3 festival picks?

Nick Cody, Nish Kumar, Felicity Ward

Tell us about your most memorable time on stage…

First time I got to play The Comedy Store in London, a club I’d wanted to play my whole life, was also an audition for Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow. And I had a great gig, one of my best at that age. It resulted in getting the Roadshow gig (my first ever big telly), and being booked at the biggest club in the UK.

Word Association:

Comedy – Life

Fashion – Covering up a lack of personality

New Zealand – sexier Scotland

Sheep – Fuckers

Selfie – Photobombing

Dating – Tinder.

And finally, describe the last meal you ate.

My seventh Thai meal this week. It’s Tuesday.

DANIEL SLOSS performs DARK Sat 23 April, Tue 26 – Sat 30 April, at Auckland’s Loft at Q Theatre, as part of the 2016 NZ International Comedy Festival powered by Flick Electric Co. from 22 April – 15 May. For the full line-up of shows in the Festival head to