seen | SAYAT SS16

The crew have been introduced to a brand new label called SAYAT. Combining some interesting and unexpected fabrications with a street-wear aesthetic, their latest SS16 collection makes for an exciting wardrobe for both men and women. We asked the designer behind the label, Dennis Sayat a few questions about his label and his first collection here in New Zealand.

m+m: Tell us a bit more about your label SAYAT?
ds: I’m originally from the Philippines where I cut my fashion teeth creating bespoke gowns. When I moved to New Zealand, I discovered my love for the aesthetic of street style. SAYAT is about merging these two worlds. Prêt à porter meets haute couture.

m+m: Who’s SAYAT for?
ds: SAYAT is for the exhibitionists and hedonists; the experimental extroverts, the impure introverts and the people who enjoy the in-between.

m+m: What was the inspiration behind your latest collection for ss16?
ds: SS 2016 is inspired by the eroding concepts of the feminine and the masculine.

m+m: The fabrication used in your collection is quite interesting, tell us a bit more about it?
ds: Fabric plays a huge part in the perception of clothing being feminine or masculine. Using panels of mesh, lace or leather, my collection is a playful perversion of these conventions.

m+m: There are pieces in the collection that are genderless, is this something you enjoy exploring?
ds: I am intrigued by how people project their biases of gender on genderless objects. This has been an inspiration and guide for this collection.

m+m: What are the difficulties you’ve faced with creating genderless pieces?
ds: I was very careful with my selection of material as it was integral to making this collection.

m+m: Do you have an online shop? How can people purchase your garments?
ds: You can contact and follow me on my Facebook or Instagram:

My current SS2016 collection is on my Facebook.
You can also check out a PDF of my SS2016 Lookbook here:

Or you can email me:

m+m: What do you have planned for SAYAT in 2016?
ds: My next collection will revolve around the theatricality of period costume translated as streetwear. Next year will definitely be very exciting!

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