NZICF 15 | A Really Rough Ride with David Correos

Awkward from the start, and uncomfortable in parts, A Really Rough Ride with David Correos is an hour of self-deprecating, anecdotal, humour. Save for a couple of hit and missers, the hour ended on a high point that made you forget the few jokes that landed a bit flat.

Marketed as some kind of a ‘ethnic chameleon’ owing to his Polynesian body, Asian eyes and dirty Mexican mustache- his words not mine- Correos calls himself a Bounty Bar, brown on the outside, white on the inside (having been raised in Christchurch) and not many people like him.

With an almost too excitable presence, you’d know this if you’ve encountered his YouTube page, Correos took to the stage with an enthusiasm that was underpinned by his willingness to embrace the weird and commit to the persona. You’ll probably learn more about him than you ever wanted to.

However where he lacked in social graces he made up for in laughs. Relatively new to the comedy scene Correos made himself well at home on the stage and established a tentative rapport with the audience with insightful (?) life advice, dodgy but hilarious dance moves and a few funny stories.

‘Real fear lies in the unknown,’ is one such pearl of wisdom that you can wholly agree with come the end of the show. When you see Correos this Comedy Fest make sure you don’t sit too close to the stage. If you’re curious about what you’re in for, have a look at his YouTube vids- while it may not completely prepare you it’s still an indication of what to expect.

Dates: Sat 25 April & Wed 29 April – Sat 2 May, 10pm

Venue: Cellar at Q Theatre, Auckland