NZICF 14| Meet James Nokise

Award-winning (Best Male Comedian 2013, Most Improved Comedian 2013) Wellington comic James Nokise returns to the NZ International Comedy Festival with a sequel to So-So Gangsta.  This year, he’s collaborated with some of the country’s most exciting visual and musical artists to create a show about the Renaissance, perceptions, and finding one’s Bro’s.  We caught up with him ahead of his Auckland shows.

Describe your NZICF 14 show in three words or less…

A Sequel to (last year’s) So So Gangsta in which I make my own arts gang.

Why should we come to your show over someone else’s?

Don’t be a dick, and come see both.

Your Top 3 Festival picks?

Kraken – Trygve Wakenshaw

Heart Goes Boom – Jamie Bowen

(Sarah Pascoe) VS The Truth – Sarah Pascoe

What’s in your festival hospitality rider?

An invitation for the annual locals vs. internationals soccer game.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

A few – I pour a drink to my homies, mop up mess, apologise to staff.

Do you have a joke that never fails?

All my jokes fail – hopefully not at once – especially during comedy festival.

Word Association:

Comedy  New Zealand

Selfie Royals

Cats Celebrity

JAMES NOKISE performs his solo show THE BRONAISSANCE (WLG 29 April – 3 May & AKL 6 May – 10 May) while playing host for LATE LAUGHS (on every Fri & Sat night in AKL & WLG during festival time) all as part of the 2014 NZ International Comedy Festival in cahoots with Old Mout Cider 24 April – 18 May. For more info visit