been | Two Shows, One Night

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing not one but two shows as part of the opening night of the NZ International Comedy Festival.  Now in its 21st year (Happy Birthday NZICF), the festival boasts a stellar line up of both local and international acts.  I got a taste of the UK and Australia with Chris Martin’s Spot the Difference and Luke Heggie’s Mega Dry.

Chris Martin – Spot the Difference

Chris is exactly the kind of guy you would want at your party; he’s charming, he’s funny and he’s totally inoffensive.  Coming out on stage with a teapot and an over-sized notepad, he started off by telling us what he likes about Auckland before launching into his complaints.

His complaints?  The fact that we don’t have enough Sushi places in Auckland, just about one every second building.  Who needs a sushi train; we have a human conveyor belt going on in this city.  And then there’s the (Manuka) honey, it’s in just about everything (but the sushi) and it makes everything 9x more expensive!

We spent the hour getting to know Chris, his mother’s obsessions with Chinese takeaway containers (yes Chris, you will thank her for saving them when you finally open your own Chinese takeaway) and his own obsession with killing and being attacked.  We also found out his reason for getting a girlfriend (everyone needs a long-term alibi) and what he would say and do if he was ever attacked in bed – did I mention his obsession with killing and attacking?

Like all good comedians in this day-and-age, Chris also talked about the recession and even had a few graphs for us – apparently it IS normal to measure things in distance.

Chris will be performing at The Classic for the rest of the week before he heads to Wellington.  I definitely recommend you make the time to check him out, he connects well with his audience even when they’re caught writing notes during his show or giving him live feedback (yes, it all went down last night).

Luke Heggie – Mega Dry

Following Chris’s charming display of anecdotal humor, we headed down to an even more intimate setting at Brooklyn Bar for Luke Heggie’s Mega Dry.   Now Heggie’s an interesting character, take it or leave it, he doesn’t really give a sh*t, he’s there to tell his jokes anyway.

Luke’s show is centered on his job at a bottle shop and the characters he came across – if it weren’t for the customers, it would have been a great job!  He also throws in some dad jokes, and has great advice for avoiding mosquitoes – if you don’t want to be bitten by one, share a room with a baby… they love babies.

His deadpan delivery makes his show that much funnier and I can see why Time Out Magazine named him ‘Sydney’s Best Comedian’ last year.

As a parting shot, Luke reminds you “when you go into a shop don’t be such a fu*king prat.”  You can catch Luke from Tuesday right through until Saturday at the Brooklyn Bar and Lounge.