Idiots of Ants

Idiots of Ants are an English based Comedy Group made up of four members, Elliot Tiney, Benjamin Wilson, James Wrighton and Andrew Spiers. They’re winners of the 2010 Chortle Awards (Character or Sketch Act), which celebrates the best of the best in live comedy.  Awarded by a panel of famous comedians and by a vote of comedy fans, it’s okay to assume that they’re a big deal.

So how does one describe the Idiots of Ants? One could say it’s like channel surfing on your TV….

Channel 1, their first act is a WW2 war scene. Channel 2, is a movie scene where men are planning a wife swap. Channel 3, is a sketch where a German and American spy are discussing an exchange of money and documents. The act is constantly changing but the only thing that is constant is their energy levels and the mockery of Finn, the unlucky chap in the front row (thankfully we were spared!).

The mixing and mashing of sketches makes some of the sketches forgettable, such as their sketch based on passing gas.

The opening is probably hands down their best sketch.  Starting while punters are taking their seats, the quartet is in a WW2 scenario. As the sketch goes on they begin to realize they aren’t actually in World War 2 and are in Auckland at the Herald Theatre. It’s a hilarious opening and the punters are hooked.

All in all, I would definitely recommend catching Idiots, especially if you’re interested in sketch comedy troupes.

They”re on from Tuesday 1 – Saturday 5 May, 8.45pm.  For more info and to buy tickets click here.