A billion lives

DocEdge 16 | A Billion Lives

The documentary A Billion Lives is the satirical novel-turned-movie Thank You for Smoking brought to life. Director Aaron Biebert turns a microscope on the history of the tobacco industry, from

Maya Angelou

DocEdge 16 | Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise

From the opening scene, this documentary captivates. Viewers are confronted with a mash-up of black and white images and video clips from key moments in the African American Civil […]


DocEdge 16 | Gabo: the creation of Gabriel García Márquez

With Gabo: the creation of Gabriel García Márquez, director Justin Webster does a masterful job of exploring the personal life and formative moments of one of the most influential […]

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.56.07 AM

DocEdge 16 | Monterey

Lisa Burd | Feature Film Directed by Lisa Burd, Monterey follows Kiwis Paul and Mira as they open their dream café in Grey Lynn. The couple want to create a café different


DocEdge 16 | Inside the Chinese Closet

China | Mandarin / English | 2015 | 72 min | Feature film | Sophia Luvarà Inside the Chinese Closet is a look into the life and struggle of what


DocEdge 16 | Miners Shot Down

The opening sequence features a hail of bullets, followed by rising smoke and dust, briefly camouflaging the bodies of dead and injured miners strewn on the ground. The documentary […]

humans of mac+mae: Brad Parsonson


Cedric and I go EVERYWHERE together and have always done so; we’re 100% aligned, he’s a brother from another mother! He has some kind of energy or aura that […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Ross McCormack


The photo for me is a photo of a really old dog.  I took this photo when I was touring with a company from Europe in South America, it […] Continue Reading…

Been | Leilani


From first throes, seated in the back row of a dimly lit and intimate theater, we are drawn into the tragycomedy of Leilani (Irasa Siave), a naive but incredibly loveable […] Continue Reading…

Been | The Miltones – Golden Dawn

the miltones 2

If you’re into Americana, early Seventies rock or the blues, then Auckland band The Miltones are an act you don’t want to miss. Playing at Golden Dawn last Friday, […] Continue Reading…

Medea | Silo Theatre


You have until July 9 to catch Kate Mulvany and Anne-Louise Sarks stunning revisionist take on the legend that inspired Euripides’ famous ancient Greek tragedy, Medea.

Directed by Rachel House, […] Continue Reading…

NZICF16 | Flick Electric Company – ‘Last Laughs’


The energy was electric. The Sky City Theatre was packed to the brim. Every comedian in Auckland was in the house. Anticipation was high, yet no-one could have expected […] Continue Reading…

NZICF 2016 | Joseph Moore | So… I’m a Dad!

joseph moore

Joseph Moore is the embodiment of enthusiasm as he leaps on stage at The Basement to deliver his show ‘So… I’m a Dad!’ as part of this year’s NZ […] Continue Reading…