NZICF16 | Marcel Lucont’s – Whine List

Anzac Monday turned out a great show of Gallic pomp, wit and imperious humor from the chansonnier comic, Marcel Lucount.   A reckoning figurehead of the NZ international comedy circuit.

James Acaster

NZICF 16 | James Acaster – Reset

Comedian James Acaster is back with the international debut of his new stand up show titled “Reset”, centred around the longing we all have for a fresh start in […]


NZICF 16 | Nish Kumar – Back with a New Show

Indian. Beard but no rucksack? No stereotypical accent? No dairy gags? How is this guy even funny?   Don’t let the nonchalant appearance of British comedian, Nish Kumar fool you.  Right


NZICF 16 | Stephen K Amos – The Laughter Master

A man walks on stage, says he hails from a family of ten, explains how he used a cat to cover for soiling the bed, and fails at mimicking […]


NZICF 16 | 5 mins with Alice Brine

Take a ride on the observational freight-train that is life inside the brain of Alice Brine; she’s got a real ‘Beautiful Mind’ vibe going on – except instead of […]


NZICF 16 | 5 minutes with Daniel Sloss

Having sold-out numerous shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and side-splitting audiences in New York, London, and Australia, you’d be surprised to know that Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss learned his […]

DocEdge 16 | Gabo: the creation of Gabriel García Márquez


With Gabo: the creation of Gabriel García Márquez, director Justin Webster does a masterful job of exploring the personal life and formative moments of one of the most influential […] Continue Reading…

NZICF16 | Aunty Donna


Aunty Donna, the winners of the noble Melbourne International Comedy Fest – Golden Gibbo Award and self-created YouTube sensations have debuted on our shores.

The name as I was later […] Continue Reading…

DocEdge 16 | Monterey

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.56.07 AM

Lisa Burd | Feature Film

Directed by Lisa Burd, Monterey follows Kiwis Paul and Mira as they open their dream café in Grey Lynn. The couple want to create a café different […] Continue Reading…

NZICF 16 | Cori Gonzalez-Macuer – Awesome? Nah, Bro…


Cori Gonzalez-Macuers’ first Auckland show at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival went off with a bang, with an almost sold-out show at the Basement Theatre; everything just worked […] Continue Reading…

NZICF 16 | Juliette Burton – Look At Me


If you take one thing from Juliette Burton’s performance at this year’s NZ International Comedy Fest, it is that she is a truly brave individual. For starters, she is […] Continue Reading…

NZICF 16 | Tim Batt – Vote Batt


Tim Batt brings his show, Vote Batt, to this years NZICF, in what was a worthwhile satirical political rally. Downstairs at the Montecristo, quite a bit of buzz had built […] Continue Reading…

NZICF 16 | 5 mins with Juliette Burton


Current, relevant, engaging.  Seriously funny.  Must see.

British comedian Juliette Burton opened her award-winning show, Look at Me, in Auckland last night.  In this one-hour docu-comedy, she celebrates body confidence […] Continue Reading…