humans of mac+mae: Macayla Chapman

Travel is something that inspires me daily and I’m pretty sure it is something I will never grow tired of no matter how old I get or how much I


humans of mac+mae: Arli Liberman

The reason I chose this photo, is that it was a very specific and special moment for me with this incredible person… he’s an artist and a musician that […]


humans of mac+mae: Kingdon (Kings) Tetinga Chapple-Wilson

I struggled identifying who I was growing up as a kid. My parents split when I was young and I stayed with my mum. I’d lost touch of my […]


humans of mac+mae: Donogh Rees

This is James, My mother’s father made him when he was only twelve years old. It is classic of its era, the tray was to hold cigarettes and the […]


humans of mac+mae: Bobby Campbell-Luke

This is a photo of my mum, I had just dropped her off to the premiere of Poi E.   Growing up I always knew I was a adopted and


humans of mac+mae: Ross McCormack

The photo for me is a photo of a really old dog.  I took this photo when I was touring with a company from Europe in South America, it […]

humans of mac+mae: Claire Cowan


Hello, my name is Claire and I’m a composer and I’m writing a violin concerto. This is my piano which I compose it and it is my favourite and […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Meredith Franco


This is a photograph of Michael P. Franco known to everyone as “Uncle Mickey”.
My dad is the youngest of 10 siblings…Uncle Mickey being one of the oldest, he was […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Shalini Vadhera


Hi, I’m Shalini Vadhera and the picture I’m submitting today is of me standing in one of my favourite places in the world, Sedona, Arizona.
I’m standing in front of […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Brendan Boughen


I am a cartoonist and this is my new book of cartoons, called ‘Sounds Like a Game Changer: A Soon-to-Be-Obsolete Collection of Technology Cartoons by Jim’.
It’s my first […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Daman S Choudharry


This is a photograph of my mother and her best friend, my mom is on the right.  This photograph to me demands respect, dignity, grace and beauty.  The black […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Diaz Grimm


Earlier this year I spent time visiting and working with the children of Leamington Primary school. At one point during the day I asked the children to stand in […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Rajesh Narasimhan


This picture is a moment frozen in time. I can take another picture like this. I can go back to this place to imitate this. But I will never […] Continue Reading…