seen | Pitch Perfect 2

According to the world wide web, namely our trusted friend Wikipedia, Pitch Perfect 2’s May 7th release in Australia and New Zealand is a good week before the US and


been | TEDxAuckland 2015

TED. Good old TED. Even if you’ve never been, seen or bothered finding out what TED really does, surely the term “TED Talks” should spark some form of curiosity. […]


seen | in Pursuit of Venus [infected] – Lisa Reihana

In Pursuit of Venus [infected] opened at the Auckland Art Gallery this weekend. A must see for everyone. This is surely one of the most spectacular installations that the Auckland

seen | Trend Beacons


Trend forecasting is like putting together pieces of a puzzle, quite early on, says Christine Boland, a jet-setting trend forecaster. Boland is one of the many experts interviewed on […] Continue Reading…

seen | the Best Possible Album Launch Party that Anybody has Ever Been To


“We love you Auckland!” say the two latino ladies in their tracksuit and spangly jacket.

A fabulous and full on show – the audience is surprised at the start and […] Continue Reading…

seen | Gayby Baby


The documentary commences with audio from individuals opposing gay marriage while panning across framed photographs of traditional families. You would be mistaken to think that this was a documentary […] Continue Reading…

seen | The Yes Men Are Revolting

yes men

This is another fantastic product of the Yes Men – the Yes Men are two tricksters with hilariously mischievous ideas of how to embarrass and expose the corruption and greed […] Continue Reading…

seen | Druglawed



Arik Reiss, South African living in New Zealand, has taken on New Zealands’ drug laws to show a case for the far greater harm that alcohol and smoking does […] Continue Reading…

seen | Garnet’s Gold


Garnet’s Gold is the story of the lovable character from down the road, the one that every community has. Considered quirky by some but always revered for his ability […] Continue Reading…

seen | A Place to Call Home


State housing – a topic which – if one holds certain political views or has minimal interests in, could easily be dismissed altogether as a failed socialist vision. Well […] Continue Reading…