DAY 3 Hightlights

NZFW2015 | Day 3 – Highlights

Day 3 marks the end of New Zealand Fashion Week, however, marks the beginning of Fashion Weekend! But before I dive into that lets talk highlights of Day 3. From


NZFW2015 | Day 2 – Highlights

Day 2 proved to be less stressful for us than Day 1 but it was still busy all the same. The day had 9 fashion shows with 5 of […]


NZFW2015 | Day 1 – Highlights

Day One of NZFW did not take place on a particularly nice day, oh no, it was gloomy, wet instead and miserable all over. But no matter, the show […]

NZFW2015 | Kate Sylvester AW16 ‘a Muse’


Designer:  Kate Sylvester

Title of Show:  a Muse

Season:  Autumn/Winter 2016

Inspiration for the Collection: In a blurb Sylvester lists names, names whom are creative muses that have either influence her […] Continue Reading…

NZFW2015 | NZ Weddings Magazine Collection


New Zealand Weddings Magazine Show! A time for wine, flowers, pretty dresses and dreams of happily ever afters. Where children in their flower girl and ring bearer outfits can […] Continue Reading…

NZFW2015 | Sean Kelly


Designer: Sean Kelly

About the Designer
Sean Kelly was the winner of the 13th season of the US designer reality contest Project Runway, he is the first Kiwi to ever compete on […] Continue Reading…

NZFW2015 | Stolen Girlfriends Club Spring 2015 Collection – Township Rebellion


Designer: Stolen Girlfriends Club

Season: Spring 2015

Title of Show: Township Rebellion

About the Designer
Stolen Girlfriends Club is a fashion brand that was founded in 2005 by three talented designers Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and […] Continue Reading…

NZFW2015 | ITZME & Julian Danger

itzme julian

Designers: ITZME (Shuai Zhang) / Julian Danger (Amy-Rose Goulding)

Season: Autumn/Winter 2016

About the Designers: Shuai Zhang worked with Karen Walker after graduating from Massey University with a fashion degree. She […] Continue Reading…

NZFW2015 | Fashion Weekend Day 2 – Highlights

Highlights day 2 weekend

The last day of NZFW was a gloomy day but that didn’t keep the people away. The day had plenty of visitors, there were huge crowds around the hair, […] Continue Reading…

NZFW2015 | Fashion Weekend Day 1 – Highlights

weekend 1

Welcome to the highlights of Day 1 of Fashion Weekend. We took a little break on Friday to relax, despite fashion week taking place on three days they were […] Continue Reading…