humans of mac+mae: Macayla Chapman

Travel is something that inspires me daily and I’m pretty sure it is something I will never grow tired of no matter how old I get or how much I


humans of mac+mae: Arli Liberman

The reason I chose this photo, is that it was a very specific and special moment for me with this incredible person… he’s an artist and a musician that […]


humans of mac+mae: Kingdon (Kings) Tetinga Chapple-Wilson

I struggled identifying who I was growing up as a kid. My parents split when I was young and I stayed with my mum. I’d lost touch of my […]


humans of mac+mae: Donogh Rees

This is James, My mother’s father made him when he was only twelve years old. It is classic of its era, the tray was to hold cigarettes and the […]


humans of mac+mae: Bobby Campbell-Luke

This is a photo of my mum, I had just dropped her off to the premiere of Poi E.   Growing up I always knew I was a adopted and


humans of mac+mae: Ross McCormack

The photo for me is a photo of a really old dog.  I took this photo when I was touring with a company from Europe in South America, it […]

humans of mac+mae: Princess Chelsea


Hi, I’m Chelsea and something that’s special to me is Bruce Springsteen’s music.  I’m a musician so I think about music a lot.
I used to hate Bruce Springsteen when […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Lizzie Morris


This is my favourite denim jacket, it fits every occasion and can complete every outfit. It’s an authentic retro jacket and was given to me by my Aunty on […] Continue Reading…

Been | Jesse Griffin ‘Centaur’


Is it a man or is it a horse? Jesus incarnate or just some random vagrant with a penchant for wearing patient gowns, backside exposed and a sense of artistic […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Tiffany Singh


This is a Max Gimblett gold and silver foil artwork.  ​It is special to me for 2 reasons:
The first, it is from my mentor and friend Max Gimblett and […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Samantha Hannah


A friend took this picture of me meditating on a rock at the Komune Restort on Keramas beach in Bali. I chose it for several reasons; I was on […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Maggie Collins


So I’m actually a guide-dog / puppy raiser for Guide Dogs NSW, ACT in Australia.
I’ve looked after a couple of dogs this year – Gilbert, Annie and Utah. The […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Zakk d’Larté


This is a photo of myself and one of my favourite people in the world, Jeffree Star.
I remember being 13 and discovering Jeffree on MySpace in 2007 and feeling […] Continue Reading…