DAY 3 Hightlights

NZFW2015 | Day 3 – Highlights

Day 3 marks the end of New Zealand Fashion Week, however, marks the beginning of Fashion Weekend! But before I dive into that lets talk highlights of Day 3. From


NZFW2015 | Day 2 – Highlights

Day 2 proved to be less stressful for us than Day 1 but it was still busy all the same. The day had 9 fashion shows with 5 of […]


NZFW2015 | Day 1 – Highlights

Day One of NZFW did not take place on a particularly nice day, oh no, it was gloomy, wet instead and miserable all over. But no matter, the show […]

SEEN | Y Chromozone | Q Theatre – Rangatira Stage

Y Chromozone

Y CHROMOZONE  –  a powerful production celebrating the male gender in it’s most pure and rawest form,  one which also promotes cultural diversity and that in some parts, also challenges […] Continue Reading…

heard | Start planning your Soulfest experience!


Great news for fans that are unable to attend SoulFest for the entire event – there is a new release of limited offer special SoulFest Twilight Tickets – on sale now!
Soulfest Twilight […] Continue Reading…

interviewed | Lucy Suttor and Frith Horan


Amy had an audition today. So did her flatmate, Poppy. Awkward? Nah, it’s totally fine, babes. Or is it?
Experience a week in the life of two fiercely competitive actresses […] Continue Reading…

Seen | The Black | Basement Theatre, Auckland


Opening night of a dark comedy that addresses the uncomfortable topic of depression, and on an evening when I was suffering a touch of the Tuesday blues myself,  I wasn’t quite sure […] Continue Reading…

Seen | An Evening with the Incredible Mr Capsis | Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall


     Hot on the heels of such a rousing performance by the amazing Camille O’Sullivan, it was truly shaping up to be a hard act to follow ……….. […] Continue Reading…

Been | Camille O’Sullivan – ‘Changeling’ | Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall


Wow.  Simple words just cannot express how a single performer was able to exceed my already lofty expectations of them,  but one such remarkable artist managed to do just that (a thousand times […] Continue Reading…

NZFW2015 | Miromoda


Three days of fun and intensity flew by too quickly and here I sit in front of my keyboard missing and reminiscing about it. I am talking about, New […] Continue Reading…