humans of mac+mae: Princess Chelsea

Hi, I’m Chelsea and something that’s special to me is Bruce Springsteen’s music.  I’m a musician so I think about music a lot. I used to hate Bruce Springsteen when


humans of mac+mae: Samantha Hannah

A friend took this picture of me meditating on a rock at the Komune Restort on Keramas beach in Bali. I chose it for several reasons; I was on […]


humans of mac+mae: Zakk d’Larté

This is a photo of myself and one of my favourite people in the world, Jeffree Star. I remember being 13 and discovering Jeffree on MySpace in 2007 and feeling


humans of mac+mae: Diaz Grimm

Earlier this year I spent time visiting and working with the children of Leamington Primary school. At one point during the day I asked the children to stand in […]


humans of mac+mae: Brendon Green

This is a photo of a small child walking with his Mother on the streets of Lisbon, Portugal. The child is dressed like some sort of Musketeer. There were […]

humans of mac+mae: Craig David


What’s special to me is spending quality time with my friends and family.  
Enjoying those moments and those experiences because life is too short to be running around trying […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Jupiter Project


This photo is one of the first photos of us jamming in our early days as Jupiter Project – as you can see, it’s no frills, bedroom musician stuff. […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Thomas Oliver


This is a photo of my ex-girlfriend and me, taken at the APRA Silver Scroll Awards in Auckland recently. Her name is Hayley. This photo is very special to […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Ashton Brown


This is a (somewhat crudely) drawn X on my right hand, in black ink.
I suffer from an anxiety disorder. On days where my anxiety is really bad and I […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: K’Lee McNabb


My mother’s beloved treasure box!
The stories it could tell of all the hidden treasures its held, including my teeth.
I vividly remember the day I realised my free money ride […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: John Elliott


These TOMS shoes were painted by Bertie Blackman at a special charity event held at a Westfield Shopping Centre in Sydney in July this year. They are called “Fallen […] Continue Reading…

humans of mac+mae: Theia


This is one of my favourite and most precious people, the queen and matriarch of my family, my Kui (grandmother).
My granddad took this photo last year, when she took me back […] Continue Reading…